How To Get In Shape For Tennis

Want to get ready for the upcoming tennis season? Working on your body can up your game and give you a leg up on the court. A few small changes to what you eat, your exercise routine, and how you live your life can get you into top shape easily. You’ll see that with some good old hard work and dedication, you can hit your goal of playing your best tennis. So, let’s get going! Here’s some advice on getting fit for tennis.

Warm-up and Stretching Exercises

Before you get going with any exercise, you gotta take the time to properly warm up and stretch so you can give it your all. Tennis is no different! There’s a whole bunch of warm-up exercises you can do to get ready for a big match. Dynamic stretching is usually what you do before a game, ’cause these moves get the muscles ready for fast and strong movement. Think of things like swinging your legs, doing inchworms, or making big circles with your arms. Just make sure you keep it smooth and don’t bounce while stretching; you don’t want to hurt yourself.

When you’re all set to play, taking little breaks here and there during the game and between sets is key for keeping your energy up. This is when you should do some static stretching exercises like stretching your hamstrings, calves, or quads. This kind of stretching chills out tight muscles and helps with your movement and flexibility—super important for playing tennis. Focus on breathing easy and holding each stretch for a half-minute or longer; this makes sure you get the most out of each stretch without pushing yourself too hard.

After you’re done playing, don’t forget to cool down too! A little jogging or walking and then some dynamic and static stretching can keep you from feeling sore later on. And don’t skimp on the fluids—drinking water or sports drinks puts back the electrolytes after a tough match! Taking care of yourself before and after exercise makes sure you’ll stay healthy and keep coming back for more tennis fun!

Cardiovascular Training

Starting with running; it’s a super easy and available way to get your cardio in. Running’s awesome for making you faster and keeping you going; plus, it’s good for building strong bones, muscles, and joints. To get the most out of running, make sure to mix in interval training.


Running’s a blast, and it’s top-notch for getting ready for tennis! It can build up your staying power and speed so you’ll have the energy to play hard the whole game. To really work on your game, change up your running routine with quick drills like sprints and footwork that has you moving in all directions. Do both, and you’ll have a total workout that’ll have you ready to go on the court.

When running for tennis, it’s about how you run, not how far or fast. You wanna keep your back straight, shoulders chill, arms bent and hands easy in front of you. Every step should be light and quick without slamming down or reaching too far. Doing it this way makes you more efficient and keeps you safe, all while getting better balance and steadiness as you move. With practice, running can be a big part of a tennis player’s exercise plan.


Swimming’s perfect for getting your body in great shape for the court—and it’s super fun! Besides being a great cardio workout, it also makes the muscles that matter for tennis stronger. Plus, learning the right way to stroke helps you get better coordination and balance when you play. But before you jump in the pool, know the basics of water safety so you can have fun without worries.

Once you’re ready to do laps, focus on your stroke—keeping your arms straight as you move and kicking from the hips. Remember to breathe out when your face is underwater so you don’t have trouble breathing while you swim. If you want more of a challenge, switch between different strokes like breaststroke or butterfly or throw a kickboard into your routine. Regular swimming can up your strength and staying power, which means you’ll play better tennis.


Cycling’s awesome for building up strength and lasting power, and it’s a cool way to get better coordination and balance off the court. You can cycle outside or inside on a stationary bike. It’s an ace way to get your heart beating fast, burn calories, and work on core strength and agility drills. Besides the breathing hard part, it also builds muscles in your butt, thighs, calves, shins, and core for better stability when playing tennis.

If you’re cycling inside on a stationary bike, you can do HIIT (that’s high-intensity interval training) where you go really hard and then rest. This helps with lasting longer and moving faster, so you can hit even better shots on the court later. For cycling outside, try different paths—from flat roads to hills—to really test yourself and keep things interesting. And don’t forget to put on a helmet for safety before any ride!

Resistance Training

Resistance training is a fantastic way to bulk up and get powerful, and take your tennis game up a notch! It’s there to help you build up muscle speed, agility, and balance while making your overall fitness better. Jumping drills are cool for increasing explosive strength which is super crucial in tennis. Your core helps with how you move and keep steady, so doing exercises like planks and crunches will get it in shape.

Strength training should be all about moves that you do in tennis – like jumping around, lunging, and tossing stuff. This training makes the muscles you use in tennis stronger so you’ll have better control over where the ball goes. It also makes bouncing back from long games or tough practices easier ’cause having strong muscles means you get less tired and sore.

Plus, resistance training doesn’t just make you better at tennis – it’s got loads of other perks like helping you stand taller, making your bones tougher, making you more coordinated, more bendy, getting your blood flowing better, and even lowering the chances of getting hurt. So be sure to get some resistance training into your workouts if you want to be in the best shape for tennis!

Balance and Coordination Exercises

Want to up your game? Working on balance and coordination is the way to go! Footwork drills are a fun place to start. Think activities like tiptoeing, standing on one leg, or jumping in place. These moves will get you the strength and agility you need to dance around the court.

Explosive exercises, or plyometric drills, are fab for improving balance and coordination. These exercises are about big movements and fast energy bursts from your legs and core. Think things like jumping jacks, jump squats, burpees, tuck jumps, and stuff like that. They’re designed to feel like a tennis game by making you change direction and speed quickly while challenging how coordinated you are.

Sticking with these exercises will help you shape up for tennis. Keep at it, and you’ll soon see faster reactions on the court and a boost in how well you play overall!

Diet Modification

Want to play better tennis? Changing what you eat can really help! A diet that’s made just for you will give you all the vitamins, minerals, and fuel you need to be the best at tennis. Eating right also helps you keep a good balance in life but still lets you play hard.

When you’re making a meal plan for tennis, think about things like how old you are, whether you’re a guy or a gal, what your body’s like, and how much you move around. Younger players might need more carbs when they’re training hard ’cause they need loads of energy. Older players might do better with more protein as part of staying young and fit. It’s super important to drink enough too, both before and during playing, since that can really change how fast and agile you are.

If you want to get better through food, make sure you set goals that are about what you need, not just what other people say works. Talking to a sports food expert is a good idea so they can make a meal plan that’s just for you. With the right food, exercise, and rest, any tennis player can be awesome on the court!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I play tennis to get in shape?

Wanna get in shape for tennis? Play as much as you can, man! If you can, hit the court at least 3 times a week to really get the hang of the moves and the game’s pace. Don’t forget to stretch and eat right. This will get you stronger and last longer, so your game just keeps getting better.

What’s the best way to get my serve to rock?

Looking to up your serve game? Practice, practice, practice. Stretch those muscles and munch on good stuff to make you more nimble and full of energy. Working with a coach or a pro player? Even better! They’ll show you the ropes on hitting the ball just right. Drills like “shadow serving” can get your form in tip-top shape. Stick with it, and you’ll be serving like a champ in no time!

How do I bulk up for tennis?

Want to look all muscled up for tennis? Mix in some strength training and stretching. Work on those legs, arms, and abs with squats, pushups, and planks. Throw in some light weights or resistance bands to target the muscles you need for tennis. And don’t forget to stretch afterward to keep those muscles happy and ready for the next game.

How do I become a speed demon on the court?

Want to move like a flash on the court? Start with stretching and some good ol’ cardio. Stretch after every game or practice to keep those muscles loose and ready. Get your heart pumping with running, biking, or swimming at least 3 times a week for half an hour. This will get you zipping around the court in no time.

What kicks should I sport for tennis?

Tennis shoes matter, big time! You need something that sticks to the court and supports those fast moves. Go for shoes that are light but strong, with good cushioning to save your feet from the pounding. And why not get two pairs? Switching between them will make them last longer.


So now you know the deal to get in shape for tennis. Warm-up, stretch, run, lift, and eat right. Stick with it, and you’ll see the payoff with better speed, agility, and power. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start working on being a tennis rockstar today!