How To Dry Tennis Shoes After Washing

Are your tennis shoes looking a bit worse for wear after a good wash? Don’t worry, there are several ways to get them back in tip-top shape. The key is to remove the excess water quickly and then let them dry naturally. In this article, we’ll show you how to dry your tennis shoes correctly so they look just like new again. From using newspaper to getting out the hairdryer, you can easily restore your favorite pair of kicks in no time!

Remove Excess Water

Get rid of that soggy feeling fast by making sure you remove all the excess water! Start with a towel, and use it to gently dab your shoes dry. Make sure to pay special attention to any seams or crevices in your tennis shoes, as these are more prone to holding onto moisture. You can also use an old t-shirt or cloth diaper instead of a towel if necessary. Once you’ve gotten out as much water as possible, hang your tennis shoes up somewhere where they can air dry. This will help keep them looking nice and prevent any mildew from forming.

Next, take a second towel and stuff it into each shoe. The towels should fill up the entire interior of each shoe so that they’re packed tight with fabric. This helps absorb any remaining moisture faster than just leaving them out in the open air would do alone. Leave the towels in for about 15 minutes before removing them and checking on how wet (or dry) your tennis shoes now are. If there’s still some dampness left, replace the towels with fresh ones and wait another 15 minutes before checking again.

Once both shoes feel completely dry to the touch, set aside two clean towels that you’ll use later on for polishing purposes. Now you’re ready to move onto cleaning and protecting your sneakers!

Stuff the Shoes with Newspaper

Stuff those kicks with news to make ’em look brand new! Newspaper is a great way to dry wet tennis shoes after washing. Stuffing your shoes with newspaper can help absorb any excess water, as well as air out the dampness. It’s important to stuff both sides of the shoe and crumple up the newspaper so it fits in there snugly. The paper should be replaced every few hours until the shoes have dried completely.

If you don’t have any newspaper on-hand, there are plenty of other stuffing alternatives that can work just as well. Towels, socks, or even bubble wrap can be used instead of newspaper if needed. Just be sure that whatever material you use is able to absorb any moisture from inside the shoe without leaving behind any residue or lint.

No matter which method you choose for drying your tennis shoes after washing them, always remember these two cleaning tips: Don’t put your wet sneakers in direct sunlight or near a heat source and never place them in a clothes dryer — doing so will cause them to become ruined!

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Place the Shoes in Sunlight

Once you’ve stuffed your shoes, take them out and set them in the sun to finish drying – just make sure they don’t get too hot! The direct sunlight can help the fabric to dry quickly, but it’s important to protect the fabric from sun damage. You should place the shoes somewhere in indirect sunlight where they can still be exposed to some heat but won’t be directly hit by the sun’s rays. If possible, move your shoes around throughout the day so that each side gets equal exposure to indirect sunlight and doesn’t become overheated.

Leaving your tennis shoes outside exposed to direct sunlight for too long can cause fading of colors or discoloration of fabrics due to UV damage. To avoid this, check on them regularly and bring them inside if you notice any signs of fading or discoloration. It is also helpful to sprinkle water droplets on them every now and then while they are outside in order to prevent excessive drying of the fabric which may cause cracking or breaking down of materials over time.

If you want a faster way to dry your shoes without risking any damage, try using a fan instead! Place it near your shoes at a low setting and leave it running until they are fully dry – usually around four hours depending on their size and how wet they were when you started. This method will ensure that all parts of the shoe get evenly dried without any risk of cracking or fading due to overexposure.

Use a Hair Dryer

Bring your shoes back to life with a quick blast of warm air from a hairdryer – it’s an easy way to make them look as good as new! When using a hair dryer, be sure to select the right heat setting. Start out with the lowest availability and gradually increase the temperature until you reach a safe level. This will ensure that your shoes are not damaged by excessive heat or over-drying. To evenly dry all areas of your shoes, hold the hairdryer at least six inches away and use circular motions while drying. Make sure that both sides of each shoe receives some warmth before moving on to the next section.

In addition, don’t forget to have patience during this process; depending on how wet they were, it may take up to ten minutes for your shoes to dry completely. Keep in mind that if you move too quickly or set the temperature too high, you could end up damaging them! Allowing the air from a hairdryer is one of the easiest ways to get rid of any moisture left behind after washing tennis shoes but it must be done carefully for best results. With this method, you can easily achieve perfect results every time – just remember to take your time and adjust accordingly!

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Let the Shoes Air Dry

After giving them a rinse, let your shoes hang out and breathe in some fresh air – they’ll be good as new in no time! Air drying is the best way to dry your tennis shoes after washing. It’s a relatively simple process that will help deodorize your shoes without damaging the material or fabric. To do this, you can use a mesh bag to hang up your wet shoes so that air can circulate freely around them. This will also help prevent any lumps or bumps from forming on the material due to improper drying.

Air drying is an effective method of cleaning as it allows for gentle heat from natural airflow to dry out the moisture inside of your shoes without using any additional energy sources like a hairdryer or fan. You should leave them hanging (upside down if possible) until they are completely dry before putting them back on. Shoes left overnight should be just fine by morning. While air-drying may take longer than other methods, it helps preserve the life of the materials and will save you money in the long run as there’s no need for fancy equipment or expensive laundry detergents.

If done properly, letting your tennis shoes air dry will leave you with clean and fresh smelling footwear that’s ready for whatever adventures await! Plus, since there’s no need for extra energy usage or harsh chemicals, you can feel good knowing that you’re doing something kind for both yourself and the environment at large!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to machine-wash tennis shoes?

You can definitely machine-wash your tennis shoes, but it’s important to be aware of the specific materials used in the construction of your shoes. Many tennis shoes are made with a combination of canvas and leather, meaning you’ll need to use a gentle cycle with cold water and non-bleach detergent. Air drying is also essential after washing; avoid using a dryer as this may damage any glue or adhesives that hold the shoe together. If necessary, you can remove stains by lightly rubbing them with a damp cloth and mild detergent before washing.

How long should I leave the shoes in the sun?

Once you’ve washed your tennis shoes, air drying them is the best way to ensure they maintain their shape and quality. Leaving your shoes in the sun is a great option as it can help speed up the drying process while also killing any bacteria that may have been left behind from washing them. However, be sure not to leave your shoes out for too long; depending on the weather conditions, an hour or two should be enough time for them to dry completely.

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Is there a risk of discoloration when using a hair dryer?

Using a hair dryer to dry your tennis shoes after washing is an option, but it comes with some risks. The heat of the air can discolor certain materials and cause stains to set in, so it’s important to take precautions when drying your shoes this way. To help prevent discoloration and promote stain-prevention, try keeping the hair dryer on its lowest setting and hold it at least a few inches away from the material. If possible, use an air-drying method instead which allows the shoes to naturally dry in open air over time without any risk of discoloration or staining.

Are there any alternative methods for drying my shoes?

When it comes to drying your shoes after washing them, you don’t need to rely on a hair dryer alone. There are plenty of other methods and storing tips you can use to keep your shoes in tip-top shape. Let your shoes air dry naturally by stuffing them with newspaper or paper towels and leaving them overnight. You can also place them near a dehumidifier or fan to help speed up the process. If your shoes are still wet after a few hours, switch out the stuffing for fresh options until they’re completely dry. With these simple drying hacks, you’ll never have to worry about discoloration again!

Is there a way to make sure the shoes are completely dry?

Drying your shoes after washing them is an important step to make sure they last longer. The best way to ensure that your shoes are completely dry is by air-drying or towel-drying them. Air drying involves leaving the shoes in a well-ventilated area until all of the moisture has evaporated, which can take up to one day. Towel drying requires you to wrap the wet shoes with a soft towel and then leave it in a warm place for several hours until dry. Whichever method you choose, make sure that your tennis shoes are thoroughly dry before using them again.


You’ve now dried your shoes! Congratulations! Remove the newspaper and take a look at them – they should be looking much better than before. Now, it’s time to store them properly so that you can enjoy wearing them for longer. Make sure to keep your shoes in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat sources. It’s also important to let your shoes air out after each use so that sweat doesn’t build up and cause damage over time. Doing this will help you make sure that your shoes stay clean, dry, and comfortable for as long as possible. Good luck!

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