How To Cure Tennis Elbow Fast

Tennis elbow is a pretty common issue messing with the tendons in your elbow and forearm, giving you pain, stiffness, and less strength. If you’re feeling this, you’re probably wondering how to get rid of that tennis elbow fast. No worries, there are some easy fixes that can help you bounce back. In this article, I’m gonna go over what brings on tennis elbow and share some solid chill-out and workout tips to kick this thing to the curb. Do it right, and you’ll be back to swinging that racket in no time!

Chill Out and Ice

If your arm’s hurting, just taking it easy and slapping on some ice can do wonders. Kicking back and icing down is one of the go-to fixes for tennis elbow, which is basically your tendon getting all inflamed. Ice helps to dial down the swelling, kill the pain, and get you healing faster. To start, best to give your arm a break for at least two days after you start feeling the ache. This’ll give your tendon a chance to start fixing itself before you try any stretching.

When you go for the cold stuff, wrap some crushed ice or frozen veggies in a towel and stick it on your elbow for about 15 minutes. Don’t go overboard and leave it on too long, or you might mess up your skin. Keep doing this every couple of hours during the day until you start feeling better. You might also wanna think about popping some anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen to help with the pain.

Don’t get all gung-ho and overdo it when you’re trying stuff that might make your injury worse—even when you’re doing rehab stuff. Start slow, then pick up the pace gradually as your body says it’s cool. With steady chilling and icing, plus the right stretching guided by a healthcare pro, you should be able to ditch that tennis elbow pain quick and safe.

Work It Out

To kick the pain, try mixing in some basic stretches and muscle-building moves into your daily grind. Simple stretches like rolling your shoulders, twirling your arms, and flexing your wrist can loosen up tight muscles and get you moving more freely. Physical therapy could also help you out here. A therapist will hook you up with a customized plan that might include stretches, strength moves, coordination drills, or even some ultrasound action to dial down the swelling.

When you’re looking at strengthening stuff for tennis elbow, hone in on those forearm muscles. Workouts like wrist curls (either with weights or stretchy bands) and twisting your wrist this way and that are awesome for targeting this spot. Throwing in some push-ups or chin-ups can also help beef up the hurt area without tweaking the joint too much.

Just remember, while working out is key for managing tennis elbow, always listen to your body so you don’t push it too far and make things worse. Start out light and then rev up slowly until you’re back in full swing.

Pro Care

If you’re still hurting even after doing some basic stretches and muscle-building moves, you might wanna think about getting some pro help. Physical therapy is the go-to fix for tennis elbow and can really help you out when done right. A physical therapist will whip up a custom mix of stretches and strength stuff just for what you’re going through. On top of that, massage therapy can do wonders for tennis elbow. Massage chills out the muscles around your elbow, making you more flexible and killing some of that pain. Plus, it gets your blood flowing better, which speeds up healing.

Another pro option is getting some corticosteroid shots in the problem area. This can give you a break from the pain for a little while, but it’s kinda a last-ditch move because you might get side effects like tissue damage or an infection where they stuck you. Surgery is pretty much a last resort for tennis elbow cases; but if you’ve tried everything else for a long time without luck, your doc or physical therapist might bring it up.

When you go pro for tennis elbow, make sure you find someone who really gets your issue and has a good track record treating it with stuff that’s proven to work, like physical therapy and massage. If you stick with it and do the exercises they tell you to do, you’ve got a solid shot at kicking the pain without needing surgery or other hardcore treatments.

Med Fixes

You can also look into medical fixes to manage your symptoms and up your life quality. Heat therapy is often a go-to for chilling out tennis elbow pain, ’cause heat gets your blood flowing and relaxes your muscles. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory meds might also be on the menu if a doc says so. These meds help by cutting down on the swelling in the hurt area, helping you heal faster. Corticosteroid shots can also come into play for stubborn tennis elbow cases. These shots put meds right into the problem spot and help cut down the swelling and pain.

Physical therapy is another path for tackling tennis elbow. A therapist will set you up with a custom plan that’s got stretches, strength moves, and other stuff designed to beef up your hurt area without messing it up more. Massage therapy can also help out by cutting down on muscle tightness in your arm and shoulder, which can make your tennis elbow symptoms less gnarly.

Beyond these fixes, lifestyle tweaks like steering clear of stuff that hurts might help you avoid more pain flare-ups from tennis elbow. Wearing an arm brace or a splint can give you some backup when you’re doing things that could make your elbow mad, like heavy lifting or sports like golf or racquetball. Taking mini-breaks while you’re active can help you avoid piling on more stress to your already hurt parts and gives ’em a chance to chill and heal.

Avoiding The Hurt

Keeping tennis elbow at bay can be a bit tricky, but there are simple moves you can make to dodge it. One biggie is to work stretching into your warm-up routine before hitting the tennis court or doing any other sport that has you using your arm a lot. Also, make sure you’re swinging your racquet with good form and not trying to smash the ball like you’re Hulk. Wearing supportive gear like straps or braces can also help lighten the load on your muscles and joints.

Another way to dodge tennis elbow is focusing on strength work for your arms, wrists, and hands. This can cut down your chances of getting hurt from going too hard in sports like tennis. Stuff like wrist curls, finger stretches, and grip exercises can all help make these muscles tougher so they’re less likely to get messed up. Also, getting enough downtime between activities is key for letting your body recover so you don’t get wiped out or risk hurting yourself more.

And hey, if you start feeling elbow pain while playing or after the game’s over, don’t just brush it off. Get some medical help ASAP because treating it early can make a big difference in how fast you recover and can often fix the issue without having to go all out with more intense treatments later on. Being proactive now can save you from a world of hurt down the line!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Tennis Elbow Happen?

Tennis elbow, or as the docs call it, lateral epicondylitis, is super common and comes from overdoing it with your forearm muscles. You’ll know it’s happening because of a sore spot on the outside of your elbow. This can come from smashing tennis balls or even everyday stuff like hauling heavy things around. Ways to deal with tennis elbow include chillin’ out, physical therapy, and pills like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Also, doing stuff to stop it from getting worse is key. That means working out your arm and wrist muscles so you don’t put extra stress on your elbow. Like with any health issue, hit up your doc before you start any treatments or do stuff that could make it worse.

How Long to Get Over Tennis Elbow?

Getting over tennis elbow can take a few weeks or even a couple of months, depending on how bad you’ve got it. Stretching and using ice packs are two usual fixes. Just remember, you gotta take it easy and stick with it over the long haul. It’s best to start with light stretching and icing as soon as you notice stuff like pain on the outer part of your arm or having a hard time bending your arm. Stick with it, and most peeps can plan on being better in about 6-12 weeks.

Home Fixes for Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow messes with the outer part of your elbow. You can try home stuff like stretching and ice to ease the pain and make things more comfy. Stretching is big since it loosens up the tight areas by making the muscles and stuff around the joint longer. Ice can help cut down the swelling and give you a break from the pain. Just keep in mind, home fixes on their own might not totally kick it, so it’s smart to talk to a doc for the full game plan.

Best Ways to Deal with Tennis Elbow Pain?

You can deal with tennis elbow pain in a bunch of ways. Stretching stuff, like doing a whole range of moves and flexing your wrist, can help beef up the muscles around your elbow. Ice packs also help with cutting down on the swelling and sore spots. Just remember, be careful with any exercise or treatment to make sure you don’t mess yourself up even more. So, you really should check with a medical pro before diving into any treatment stuff for managing your tennis elbow ache.

Stuff to Skip If You’ve Got Tennis Elbow?

When you’re dealing with tennis elbow, laying off overdoing it and focusing on stretching is key. To manage the ache, it’s best to cut back on stressing your forearm muscles and tendons. So skip stuff that means a lot of repeating the same move, like pumping iron or typing forever. Also, if anything starts hurting in your forearm area, hit the pause button on that activity until you get the lowdown from a medical pro. Specific stretches for tennis elbow can help get your arm muscles more limber and strong; but like always, get a doc’s OK before starting any workout stuff.


I’m stoked to say that I kicked my tennis elbow pretty quick. Resting and throwing on some ice packs really helped with cutting down the swelling and the hurt. I also got into some exercises my doc recommended to make the muscles around my elbow stronger. Plus, getting some pro help from a physical therapist or bone doc can speed up kicking tennis elbow. Last but not least, don’t forget some handy tips like stretching before you get active, using the right moves when playing sports, and taking breaks now and then. Put all this stuff together, and you can ditch your tennis elbow fast.