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How To Clean Suede Tennis Shoes

Cleaning your suede sneaks might sound like a total drag, but with the right stuff and moves, you can make ’em look fresh out of the box. Whether it’s just a bit of dirt or some gnarly stains, I gotcha. I’ll walk you through cleaning ’em up so they stay fly for the long run. With my tips, your suede kicks will be rockin’ it for ages.

Get Your Cleaning Gear Ready

Before diving in, make sure you’ve got all your gear sorted. To keep your kicks on point, you gotta have the right tools ready to go. Cleaning suede shoes needs some specific things so they don’t get wrecked. So, grab a soft brush or cloth, something to air dry ’em (like a fan or a drying rack), and some damp rags. And hey, it’s a good shout to have some cleaning stuff made just for suede, like rubbing alcohol or some fancy cleaners.

Kick off by giving your shoes a once-over with the soft brush or cloth to get rid of any obvious dirt. Zoom in on spots with extra dirt like around the laces or the bottom. After you’ve brushed off the loose stuff, let ’em air dry to zap any moisture that’s hanging about after brushing. This stops nasty stuff like mold from setting up shop on your shoes.

Once they’re all dry, hit ’em up again with a damp rag to tackle the stubborn dirt, especially in the nooks and crannies. But don’t drown them, okay? Just gently wipe until all the dirt’s gone. Do this right, and your suede sneaks will be looking fresh again!

Shake off That Dirt

Time to brush off any dirt hugging your fave kicks! Keeping your suede shoes clean is key, and dealing with stains ASAP keeps ’em looking top-notch. Start with a soft brush or a suede cloth, and brush all over your shoes, but keep it gentle and in one direction. This gets rid of any surface dirt or junk. If there’s any hard-to-shift bits, give ’em a gentle scrub with the brush before deep cleaning.

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Then, grab a suede eraser for any small marks or weird spots on your shoes. After that, wet a rag with a bit of soapy water. Gently wipe down your shoes with it, then rinse ’em with warm water until the soap’s all gone. Let ’em dry fully before doing anything else. Lastly, give your kicks a quick brush to make ’em shine and shield them from more dirt or junk piling up.

Shake Off Those Stains

Getting stains off your fave kicks is all about keeping them looking sharp. First up, grab a suede brush to tackle the dirt and junk chilling on your shoes. When you brush, go easy and in one direction – use little circles if you’ve got some real stubborn spots. Once you’ve ditched all the visible dirt, it’s time to level up with some conditioning and waterproofing hacks.

Now, a suede protector or conditioner is your BFF when cleaning suede tennis shoes. It keeps the suede texture on point and gives them some armor against water. Just give each shoe a quick spray – but don’t get too up close and personal – then buff with a clean cloth. If there’s a mark that’s being all stubborn, give it another go with a bit more elbow grease.

With a bit of brushing and conditioning, your sneakers are gonna feel all rejuvenated! Stick to this every couple of weeks and you’ll see them go from meh to wow in no time!

Get That Stain Remover Out

When your shoes need some TLC, hit ’em up with a stain remover. Blast it on and wipe away those stubborn marks. Spot cleaning? That’s the magic trick for getting rid of small messes on suede. Grab a suede cleaner from the store or even a dab of diluted detergent to get rid of the muck that didn’t bail with brushing. For the next-level dirt, grab an old toothbrush, wet it with some water and detergent, and gently scrub away. But don’t go all Hulk on them; be gentle. Let them air out and dry up before rocking them again.

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If the usual soap and water isn’t cutting it, there’s other stuff like rubbing alcohol or white vinegar with warm water. Gentle circles should break down the pesky stains. Remember: easy does it with the scrubbing. And hey, think about grabbing a special leather/suede cleaner – it’s a game changer!

Wanna save future you some trouble? Spray your shoes with a suede protector after each clean. This keeps them ready to battle the daily grind and stay fresh.

Refresh and Defend

To have your kicks always looking top-tier, freshen them up and defend them with a suede protector spray. Suede Care? That’s the MVP for keeping your shoes looking and feeling brand new. Spraying them with fabric protection stops all the nasties, like dirt and water, from ruining the vibe. Plus, it keeps the color popping without any fade.

Spray the protector onto a soft cloth and wipe it all over your shoe – don’t miss spots like seams and laces. Let them dry off before taking them for a spin; usually, that’s about an hour. If you’re itching to wear them sooner, a hairdryer on low can speed things up.

After the protection’s on and dried, your shoes are gonna shine! Spraying them once a month or so will keep them looking and feeling dope. Taking care of suede tennis shoes is a breeze if you keep at it. Stay on top of it, and you’re golden!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I clean my suede tennis shoes?

Every couple of weeks, I give my suede tennis shoes a little spa day to keep them looking fly. I use a soft brush to kick off the dirt, then hit them up with a cleaner made just for suede. After letting the cleaner do its thing, I give them another brush in circles with that same soft brush. It’s like magic – they come out looking fresh and feeling soft.

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Is tossing my suede tennis shoes in the washing machine cool?

People often hit me up asking if they can throw their suede tennis shoes in the machine. While it might sound tempting, I wouldn’t go there. The washing machine’s heat and tumbling could mess them up big time. If you want my advice, spot cleaning with a damp cloth or hand washing with warm water and some gentle soap is the way to go.

Got any tricks to waterproof those suede tennis shoes?

Oh, for sure! I always make sure my suede tennis shoes can handle a little rain. I use a waterproof spray made just for suede. But here’s a pro tip: test it out on a tiny part of the shoe first. After I’ve given them a good spray, I let them dry and then brush off any leftover dirt. This way, they’re ready to face any puddles or drizzles.

Which brush is the real MVP for cleaning suede tennis shoes?

When it comes to brushes, you gotta get one that’s made for suede tennis shoes. The legit ones are usually made of something soft like nylon or horsehair, and you can team them up with a gentle cleaner. Remember to be nice and easy with your strokes; you don’t wanna ruin that suede texture.

Can I use just any stain remover on my suede tennis shoes?

Nah, you’ve gotta be picky with the stain removers for suede tennis shoes. Some might work wonders on other stuff but can be a nightmare for suede. Always check out the labels before going in with a product. And to play it safe, test it on a hidden spot first.


And boom! My suede tennis shoes are back to their prime, looking and feeling brand new. Super glad I put in the effort to clean them up right. Now that I’ve got the know-how, I can keep these babies in tip-top shape. It’s dope knowing a bit of TLC can keep my kicks looking on-point for ages.

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