How To Bring Tennis Racket On Plane

Traveling with a tennis racket can be a real pain, especially if you’re hopping on a plane. You wanna make sure your gear is safe and will get to where you’re going without any dings or scratches. With a bit of prep, you can take your tennis racket on a flight without any drama. In this article, I’ll break down how to do it. First, I’ll spill the beans on what airline rules you gotta look at before stuffing your racket into your bag. Then I’ll walk you through how to wrap, pack, and lock down your racket for the flight. Lastly, I’ll toss in the idea of just checking your racket as luggage. By the end of this read, you’ll know all you need to jet off with your tennis racket, no sweat!

Check Airline Rules

Before jamming your racket into a bag, double-check those airline rules – you don’t wanna get hit with any curveballs at the airport! Digging into airports and their dos and don’ts makes sure you’re all set for takeoff. Check with the airports you’re flying in and out of to see if they’re cool with tennis rackets on the plane. Usually, you can find this info on their website or just by giving them a ring.

Keep in mind, there could be different rules for local and international flights, so make sure you’re up-to-date on both. Some airlines might also have limits on how big or how many things you can bring in your carry-on, so it’s smart to check that out if you’re planning on taking your racket on board. Oh, and if your racket doesn’t fit in a hard case, it’s probably a no-go for carry-on ’cause of safety stuff – meaning you’ll have to check it and maybe fork over extra bucks for being oversized.

Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get your paperwork sorted before you board. The more you know about what the airline says about sports gear, the smoother your trip’s gonna be!

Wrap Your Racket

When it comes to packing a tennis racket for a flight, bubble wrap and a solid tennis bag are your best buds. Bubble wrap adds some extra padding around your racket to guard it from random knocks and bumps while you’re traveling. A tennis bag also keeps your racket snug and safe, plus gives you space for other stuff like balls, strings, or grips.

Use Bubble Wrap

To make sure your baby’s safe, wrap it up good and snug in bubble wrap! Bubble wrap gives your racket an extra layer of love to keep it from getting banged up while you’re on the move. When you pack your tennis racket for a flight, use enough bubble wrap to cover the whole thing, handle and all. Make sure you don’t leave any gaps so the racket’s totally covered. Also, give your strings some TLC by wrapping them up in a few layers of bubble wrap, too. This adds another layer of protection so you don’t have to stress about messing up your gear while you’re traveling.

Use a Tennis Bag

Lock down your racket and other essentials in a tennis bag, and you’re good to go – wherever you’re heading! Traveling with a tennis bag makes sure your racket and any other goodies get to your spot safely. When you’re packing, pick a bag made just for rackets so nothing gets jacked up. Make sure there’s room for extra stuff like balls, clothes, and kicks. Also, check that the bag’s made of tough stuff that can take a beating from being toted around or checked. Look for handy features like adjustable straps, zip pockets, and maybe even waterproofing so all your stuff stays safe. A solid tennis bag also helps you breeze through security since they can easily see what you’re carrying if they need to take a closer look.

Put Your Racket in Your Carry-on Bag

You can totally travel with your racket by just chucking it in your carry-on bag. Don’t let anything mess with you getting your game on! When tossing your racket into your carry-on, be sure to follow the security rules and stick to the airline’s carry-on guidelines. To zip through airport security without a hitch, think about sticking it in a hard case or a tennis bag that’s made for rackets. It’ll be quicker to get checked at security and you’ll cut down on the chances of it getting dinged up while you’re flying.

When stuffing stuff like rackets in your carry-on, make sure they’re easy to get at for the security checks. Also, keep any loose strings or straps tucked in so they don’t snag on other stuff when going through metal detectors or x-rays. Lastly, try not to cram too many heavy things into your carry-on ’cause that’ll wear out the zipper over time.

The top tip for flying with a tennis racket is to pack smart and lock it down. Make sure you’re up on all the safety rules from both the airlines and airports before you try bringing one on the plane. That way, you can chill knowing you won’t hit any snags at security or worry about it getting messed up while you’re in the air.

Stash Your Racket in the Overhead Bin

Slipping your racket in the overhead bin is a sweet way to keep it safe while you’re up in the sky. Before you pack it, double-check the airline’s rules about what size and weight they allow for carry-ons. Airports can be real sticklers about bigger stuff coming on board, so you’ll wanna be ready. To make sure your racket stays put in the overhead bin, wrap it in a hard case or a bag that’s just for tennis rackets. That’ll keep it from getting banged up while you’re flying.

When you’re putting your racket up in the bin, try to angle it if you can so there’s room for other folks’ bags, too. Make sure to lock it down with a strong strap or lock before you close that bin. This keeps your stuff safe and keeps it from sliding around while the plane’s moving. Finally, think about tagging your bag with your contact info just in case it goes missing; this makes it easier for the crew to get it back to you.

Once you’re all set and ready to jet, don’t forget to remember where you put your racket before you get off the plane. Knowing where it’s at will save you a headache when you get where you’re going.

Think About Checking Your Racket as Luggage

If you check your racket as luggage, you’re making sure it gets some extra TLC while it’s traveling. Plus, you don’t have to stress about cramming it into an overhead bin when the flight’s packed. To make sure it arrives in one piece, take some time to pack it up right with the proper stuff and labels.

When you’re getting your racket ready to check, use a hard case or some protective bubble wrap to keep it safe while it’s moving. Make sure all the loose bits are strapped down tight so they don’t come off while you’re flying. Also, look up what your airline says about how big and heavy bags can be when you’re picking a case for your racket. If you’re flying with more than one racket, tag ’em so you can spot ’em easy at baggage claim.

You’ll also wanna double-check how much the airline charges for checked bags before you book your flight. If you’ve got a bunch of stuff to check, think about bundling it into one big bag instead of paying a bunch of fees for a lot of little ones. This saves you some cash and makes sure all your gear arrives in one go when you’re flying with a tennis racket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cool to use a hard or soft racket cover?

When you’re thinking of flying with your tennis racket, choosing a hard or soft cover is kinda important. While soft covers are pretty good and easy to pack, they might not be as safe as a hard case. This is super true if you’re gonna check your racket with your other bags, where it could get bumped or tossed around. Hard cases will keep your racket safe from this kinda stuff, but they might be a pain to pack ’cause they’re bulky. In the end, it’s your call to figure out what kinda cover hits the sweet spot between keeping it safe and making it easy to pack for your trip.

What’s the price tag for checking a racket?

Packing your tennis racket for a flight isn’t rocket science. Just taking a minute to get the lowdown on the airline’s baggage fees and how to pack can help your racket get where it’s going, no sweat. Checking a racket will usually set you back $15 – $35, give or take, depending on the airline and where you’re flying from. Make sure to use a hard or soft racket cover to keep it safe while it’s in transit, and maybe toss in some extra padding like bubble wrap or tissue paper around the strings and frame. Keep this stuff in mind, and you’re golden to check your racket without freaking out!

Got any size rules for bringing a racket on the plane?

When you’re packing your tennis racket to fly, don’t forget to think about size limits. Most airlines have some rules about how big your carry-on stuff can be, so check that out before you bring your racket along. The general vibe is that your packed racket should be under 45 inches long and less than 12 inches wide. To avoid any heartbreak or mess-ups, make sure to pack it in a sturdy bag or hard case with extra padding, like bubble wrap. Stick to these tips and you’ll have a smooth flight with your tennis gear!

Do I need the green light from the airline for my racket?

Before you jet off with your tennis racket, it’s a solid move to check in with the airline. While there aren’t any set-in-stone size rules for bringing a racket, some airlines might want you to get it okayed before it can fly with you. Knowing what’s up ahead of time is key to making sure you can pack your racket with zero issues. If you’re not sure what the deal is, give them a call or look up their travel and packing tips online.

Can I pack an extra set of strings in my carry-on?

If you’re flying with your tennis racket, you can totally bring an extra set of strings in your carry-on. Before you throw them in there, make sure you know the airline’s rules on size and weight for carry-on stuff. Also, pick string gauges that work for your racket and what you’ll be using it for. That way you’ve got backup strings if one snaps while you’re away.


Flying with a tennis racket might seem like a hassle, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Just stick to the basics like checking out what the airline says, wrapping up your racket, tossing it in your carry-on, and finding a safe spot for it in the overhead bin. Do all this, and your racket will get where it’s going, no sweat. With these tips in your back pocket, you can totally bring your racket on any flight and keep your game strong, no matter where you end up!