How To Add Tennis Workout On Apple Watch

Hi there, if you’re rocking an Apple Watch and totally dig tennis, then you’re in the right spot. In this article, I’m gonna show you how to get a tennis workout going on your watch. With this cool feature, you can keep an eye on how you’re doing and get better at it while you’re at it. All you gotta do is follow some super easy steps. So let’s dive in!

Pair Your Apple Watch and iPhone

Hooking up your watch and phone is step one, so let’s get them talking to each other! It’s a piece of cake, but you’ll need both gadgets ready to go. Make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone have Bluetooth turned on. After they’re connected, anything you got on your iPhone will show up on your Apple Watch. That way, you don’t have to mess around with two apps to see how your tennis games are going.

Don’t sweat it if you run into some glitches while connecting them; just stick to the guide and you’ll be fine. First off, make sure both devices have the latest software. Then flip on Bluetooth in your settings and tap “Pair New Device.” Your Apple Watch should pop up on the list; tap it and just follow the prompts to wrap it up.

Keeping your data in sync is key to having the full scoop on each tennis session. To make sure everything’s shared between the two, try rebooting them every now and then—that keeps the link between them solid. And don’t forget to back up your stuff to iCloud or another cloud service, just to be safe!

Set Up a New Workout

When I tap the Workout app on my Apple Watch, I’m good to start planning my tennis action. Just pick “Tennis” from the list and fine-tune it to how you wanna play. A couple of taps and you’re ready to hit some balls!

Open the Workout app

Ready to get your sweat on? The Workout app is right there on your Apple Watch. To get things rolling, link up any extra gadgets like a heart rate monitor or step counter. Then just hit the digital crown on your watch or swipe up and you’re in.

Inside, you can pick your targets, whether you’re into running, walking, or lifting weights. You can even set up your own workouts to fit what you’re into. All your stats get sent to HealthKit, so everything’s in one easy-to-find spot. A few clicks and you’re set to get active with the Workout app!

Choose “Tennis” option

Ready for more ways to get fit? Hitting the ‘Tennis’ option cranks things up a notch. Once you’re in the Workout app on your Apple Watch, you’ll see all sorts of choices, like running or swimming. Going for Tennis lets you get into the nitty-gritty, like specific tips and the right gear. You can also set personal goals that are just right for you. Plus, you can see how you’re doing over time and even compare it to your past games. With all this packed into your Apple Watch, you’ve got a personal trainer right on your wrist!

Choose Your Goal

If you wanna hit those fitness goals, now’s the time to pick one! When you’re setting up a tennis workout on your Apple Watch, first thing you do is choose a goal. You’ve got choices like “Boost Cardio,” “Last Longer,” or “Up the Intensity.” What you pick will shape the kind of drills the watch will suggest for you.


Shoe game is another biggie when you’re getting ready for tennis. Wearing the right kicks matters because they protect your feet and help you move your best during the game. If you need stuff like extra padding or arch support, go find shoes that offer that.

Also, think about the court layout before you lock in your workout goal. Got any weird fences or slopes that could mess with your game? Knowing that ahead of time makes sure you’re set for a good time playing tennis on your Apple Watch. With all this in mind, take a sec to figure out which goal fits you best and start going after it!

Monitor Your Progress

Can’t wait to see how I’m doing with my tennis workouts! To get the stats going, I gotta head to the Apple Watch app and punch in some info like how old I am, how tall, how much I weigh, and so on. Once that’s done, I can keep tabs on stuff like how fast I’m going, my heart rate, and calories burned—awesome way to see if I’m getting better.

Set up metrics

You’re just a couple clicks away from tracking your gains! To get the metrics for your tennis workout on your Apple Watch, open up the Activity app. There, you can pick what you wanna track, like how many calories you’re burning while you play. You can also use the Workout app to log other kinds of exercise, like running or cycling, on top of your tennis stuff. When you’re setting up metrics in the Workout app, just pick the workout you’re planning to do and how long you’re aiming for. The app will take care of the rest, keeping an eye on calories burned and other key stats during your workout. With these tools, you’ll always know how you’re doing and make every workout count.

View data points

Alright, metrics are set, now you can check out all the nitty-gritty details after each workout and see how you’re leveling up. Your Apple Watch keeps tabs on all your tennis moves and stats, giving you a full picture of how you’re doing over time—great for staying motivated and aiming higher.

Swipe left on your watch face, and bam! There’s the Activity app with all your stats. It gives you the full rundown of each tennis session, letting you see your progress daily, weekly, or monthly. Plus, you can stack it up against your past workouts or even other activities like running or biking to get more insights into how fit you’re getting.

Track and Improve Your Performance

With the right gear, you can keep tabs on how you’re doing and crank your game up a notch. Your Apple Watch is a killer tool for that. It’s got sensors that track your heart rate and how much you’re moving, giving you a real-deal look at how hard you’re working during practice. You can even tweak your racket settings in the Apple Watch app to make sure it jives with your play style.

The watch’s Activity app dishes out a full scoop of your workout stats, like how long you were out there, how many shots you took, and how intense it all was. You can look back, see how you did, and set new goals. Plus, the Workout app lets you track other stuff too, like running or biking, so you can see how you’re doing overall and adjust as needed.

By using your Apple Watch’s tracking smarts and dialing in your racket settings, you get crazy good insights that can help you tweak your game. With this mix of tech and personal touches, getting better on the court just got a whole lot easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set specific goals for my tennis workout?

  1. Duration Goal: Open the Workout app on your Apple Watch, select ‘Tennis’ and then set the time you aim to spend on the court.
  2. Calories Burned: You can also set a calorie goal if that’s something you want to keep an eye on.
  3. Set or Drill Goals: Before starting your workout, have a specific number of sets or drills you want to complete and use the ‘Notes’ feature on your Apple Watch to keep track.
  4. Heart Rate Zones: If your Apple Watch supports it, aim to stay within specific heart rate zones to focus on improving endurance or burning fat.

What type of monitoring tools does the Apple Watch have for tennis workouts?

  1. Built-in GPS: This allows you to track your movements accurately during your tennis session.
  2. Accelerometer: Helpful for tracking the speed and power of each stroke you make.
  3. Activity and Workout App: These apps allow you to customize your goals and track your progress over time.
  4. Post-Workout Summary: Gives you insights on the number of sets, strokes, and other metrics.

What tips or strategies can I use to improve my performance?

  1. Dynamic Stretching: Always start your sessions with dynamic stretches to prep your muscles and improve your range of motion.
  2. Nutrition Timing: Have a balanced meal of carbs and proteins about two hours before your session to fuel your workout.
  3. Periodic Reviews: Use the data collected by your Apple Watch to identify areas of improvement and set new targets.

Can I customize my tennis workouts with the Apple Watch?

Absolutely! With the latest Apple Watch versions, you can:

  1. Set specific tracking for pace, distance, and time.
  2. Incorporate stretching exercises to your workout routine via the built-in guides.
  3. Set specific workout goals, such as the number of calories you want to burn or the time you want to spend playing.

How does the Apple Watch help me motivate myself to stay on track with my tennis workouts?

  1. Reminders and Alarms: Set these to ensure you’re adhering to your tennis schedule.
  2. Progress Tracking: Seeing improvement over time can be a significant morale booster.
  3. Shareable Data: If you’re competitive, you can share your metrics with friends or tennis partners to keep you all motivated.


Getting your tennis game on track with an Apple Watch is a straightforward process. Just pair it with your iPhone, plan your workout, set your goals, and then go smash them! With all the features at your fingertips, you’re well-equipped to take your tennis game to the next level.